Fall Small Group Sign Ups Begin August 27th

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Setting up your new recurring giving:

1. Visit This Link to open a new tab. This will allow you to refer to the directions below.

2. From here you will be prompted to enter your donation amount and frequency.

3. Make sure to select the date you want your gift to be withdrawn, otherwise, it automatically selects the current date.

4. Sign up by selecting “Continue with email”

5. Select “Create an account”

6. Enter your email and password of choice and select “create account”

7. Check your email to log in (you must click the link that Subsplash sends you to continue the process)

8. Enter your preferred payment method.
  • If you choose to do a bank transfer, Subsplash will make 2 micro deposits in your account.  Once those deposits have been made, Subsplash will withdraw them in one transaction. This may take a couple business days. 
  • You will receive an email once this is complete and be prompted to enter the two deposit amounts to confirm your bank account. This is a one-time process to set up your bank account. 
  • The processing fees for this option are much less than giving by credit/debit card. That means more of your money goes directly to ministry.

9. Enter the fund you would like to give from the dropdown menu

10. Select the gray button “give ___ gift of $_____” to complete the process.

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